Saturday, February 20, 2010

Martha would be proud

Well, it took 3 days. I pulled every last bin and pile and shopping bag out of the cedar closet and arranged it in the outer area of the basement. Stuff I forgot I had. Stuff I should have never bought in the first place. And, happily, lots of really great stuff.

Everything has been reorganized by color and fiber. Labels on every bin tell me what's inside. No more opening 5 bins to find the item I need. I've got separate bins for dyeing supplies, felting supplies, out-of-season purses (lots of these), etc. And, I've put all my raw materials in separate bins.

Here's the woven wool:

The cashmere:

The cashmere scraps and the knitted wool:

Sadly, I only managed to put together a small bag of stuff for the Goodwill. I feel like I should save leftover upholstery fabric from house projects in case of a spill or tear or a needed repair. So, that's about half a bin. I also saved trims because you never know when you need some fringe. I should put that on a t-shirt, yes? "Life goes better with fringe." I like it.
I also saved lots of big pieces of recycled sweater. I started making some fingerless gloves this winter and they were a big hit. So, I want to do some more for the fall.
My favorite bin has all my purse supplies finally (FINALLY) in one place. Handles, magnetic snaps, webbing, lining material, patterns (all made by me), etc. It's going to be such a time-saver.
Next I want to tackle my dining room cupboard with all the beads, embroidery supplies, and other miscellaneous, small crafts. After that, The Yarn.
Wish me luck!

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