Thursday, September 23, 2010

New logo!!

How adorable is this?!  Salli Swindell, local girl and great artist, has finished most of my new logo.  I think she's fab.  Salli does terrific work freelance and blogs about stuff on .  She's better than I am -- posts almost every day.  Check it out.

Salli and I worked this summer to have everything ready for the fall rush.  Just in time.  The business cards arrived last week and I'm plotting getting some labels woven.  New avatar on Etsy too: .

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If you can't beat 'em...

Everything is woodland on Etsy.  I get so frustrated.  The front page, which features 16 lucky artists, constantly has owls or faux bois, or some kind of woodland creature.

Here's my contribution:
I'll let you know if it gets me on the front page!

I do like making these gloves, though.  You probably have a pair or two.  $1.00 a pair but so plain and boring, they make your head hurt.  Two Januaries ago I found a huge pile of them at Target for half off.  I bought 22 pair thinking, well, I'll do something with them.  They were all black and I embellished them with 3 different colorways of pennies.  I love penny rugs, always have.  On the gloves, they turn the mundane into the fun.  Totally my gig.  And a great project for waiting in the car or watching (listening to) TV.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Buy 'em quick before I keep them for myself!

I'm making lots of fingerless gloves right now.  A customer in North Carolina wants to buy 12 (twelve!!) pair for her shop.  I have a few pair at a great shop in Cuyahoga Falls -- Trot Home and the upstairs fab gallery A Woman's Whimsy --

So, I need to re-stock.  I have about 10 pair cut out and in various stages of sewing.  Here are two pair that I finished this weekend.  Cute, yes?  These are recycled wool sweaters on the outside and recycled 100% cashmere sweaters for the lining.  Yes, they are that soft.  And, $22.

Go to the Etsy shop to see them all:

Have a great day!  Fall is in the air.  Finally.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chicken rug is done!

Wow.  This sure took awhile, didn't it!  If you remember, dear reader, I started this rug back in April when I went to my first rug camp.  I walked in the door with wool and a pattern.  I walked out with barely 2 chickens done.  Once I got home, I felt like I had to finish the fruit rug before finishing this one.  Then, life happened and I didn't have a lot of time to work on anything at all.  I finally bit the bullet and took the rug with me on vacation to Kelleys Island.  The border was so tedious.  The rug is 40+ inches by about 28 inches so there's lots and lots (and lots) of border to do.  But, after a few days at the lake, I had the border pretty much done.  That left me the final (darkest) chicken. 

I love the rug and I'm actually considering putting it on the floor (gasp!).  Most of my rugs are on walls because they are too precious to walk on.  But, I think I'm ready.  I just need to find a spot where my children never tread...