Wednesday, October 20, 2010


 I am apparently in peace mode.  I'm doing some peace work.  My latest projects have given me great peace of mind.

Okay, sorry.  I'm done now.

I've been playing around some more with the applique technique where I put large pieces of fabric together, sketch a design on the back of the stack, and stitch on the machine.  Then I cut away revealing the design.  I've done a couple of trees, one of which will be my next stair riser.  The peace sign is the latest.  The one with the black and white check and the orange is a project for my sewing group.  We pass around fabric and give each other parameters for each year's project.  My friend Angela is making a denim quilt for her son.  This square will be in the quilt. 

The other two are, obviously, scarves for my shop.  I really (REALLY) love the pastel one above with the kelly green peace sign.  The cashmere behind the green is the perfect turquoise which also appears elsewhere in the scarf.  Naturally, 100% cashmere makes it extra special.

Peace to you.

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