Thursday, January 27, 2011

An idea whose time has come!

I love this idea.  The genius behind it can be found here:

The plan is to work from what we have.  Work from the stashed stacks of fabric, bins of recycled wool sweaters and skirts, containers of buttons and trim, etc.  She says you can continue to buy your "staples" like thread, interfacing ... that sort of thing.  The challenge is to just try it.  How long can you last?  A week?  A couple of months?  Who knows?

I'm starting on this with my current project, the Granny Square afghan remake.  I had the afghan and, yes, I did buy some lining fabric.  But, I've got some black leather straps already on hand, magnetic snaps, and all the other stuff.  I want to put some pockets in the bag and was planning to go to the fabric store and find a cute coordinating pattern since my lining fabric is a big print.  BUT I'M NOT GOING TO DO THAT!  By God, I'm going to find something downstairs in the cedar closet that works. 

I've been wanting to make some small stuffed sheep using different recycled wool plaids.  I've got all the stuff here for that!  I'm going to do it!  Any idiot can go to a store (thrift or otherwise) and buy a bunch of stuff for a new project.  The wise ones use up what they have.  I bet I can do this with my cooking, too!  What's in the pantry?  What's hiding in the back of the cereal cupboard?  What havoc can I wreak on my kids' dinners?

I can't wait.  Stay tuned for my progress.  And, thanks to fivegreenacres!

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  1. I'm absolutely on this bandwagon, too! Now that I've recently purchased the only "special" quilt fabric I think I'll need this year (unless somebody else gets pregnant!)I can't imagine I'll truly need to buy another thing. Even my thrift store purchases are overflowing my studio - best to leave them in the store so somebody else can get some good out of them!

    Will promote in my next podcast - so glad to be aboard. LOVE your sentiment about "the wise ones use up what they have."