Sunday, January 5, 2014

iPad cover project

First, let me make sure to credit the originator of this great project: .  It's really terrific and is the center picture below.  But, I was also inspired by this Garnet Hill catalog cover and this blanket and, frankly, everything done by artist Crispina ffrench  (

My plan, as is always my plan, was to use up some wool scraps.  I had a new ipad and my charming puppy had pulled it off my desk, cracking the screen.  So then I had a new ipad with a cracked screen.  Got the screen replaced thanks to AppleCare and now I needed a case.

I liked the way My Poppet alternated her rows of wool.  They look like brickwork and I think it serves the purpose of offsetting the seams, making for a stronger fabric.  When I used to do my purses with 3X3" squares of wool, the corners of the wool all came together and I have had issues with seams coming apart right at that corner join.  Here's a couple of my purses.  I had a great run with these, making them for probably 5 years.  But, I tired of the sheer volume of sweaters required to give a good mix to the bags.  Most of my bags had squares cut from about 15 different sweaters.  That's a lot of bulk and storage.

So, after that phase, I began making the fingerless gloves that I've posted about in the past.  We won't go into those again.  This time (January of last year) I wanted to use all solid pieces of wool and was the most inspired by the Garnet Hill cover where the colors segue from blue into gold.  So, I got out all my scraps and went to work.  I knew I wanted a rectangle so the brickwork seaming would be straightforward.  I grabbed a bunch of wool scraps and also delved into heavier weight cashmere just to fill in the color gaps.  Naturally, I had more than I needed.

Here they all all laid out.  I really love that deep golden color at the very lower right.  I think it grounds the piece, especially as you head into the pale blue.

After layout, I went to the machine and starting sewing them all together.  My Poppet used a wide zig zag on her case but I've got a great stitch pattern on my machine that I've found is perfect for sewing wool together.  There's a closeup of it below.  Kind of a honeycomb pattern that is super secure.

So here's the finished case.  You can see a close-up of my stitch pattern below.  I also used a magnetic snap for a closure and chose not to line the bag.  In retrospect, it would have been a little more substantial and sturdy with a lining, but I like it as it is.  I love the colorway.  The two sides of the case have totally different personalities and I really have no preference one way or the other.  I am partial to that gold, though...

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  1. Delightful project - I can imagine how fun it was to make this. I have a hard leather case for my iPad - don't think I'd personally want to slide it in & out every time I used it - but I sure can admire yours! I like the stitch you used too, I'll have to see if my machine has that one. i usually use a multi-zigzag.