Sunday, April 24, 2016

The 100 Day Project -- Little Wool Houses

 In 2015, several of my Hudson friends participated in this fantastic creative challenge.  I was impressed and followed all of them on Instagram.  And, I swore I would participate in 2016.  So, here we are.

The timing could not be worse.  It's baseball season so my boys have 3-5 games a week each.  I'm co-chair of After Prom for our school and the date of that event is May 14.  20 short days away.  This project will run all the way through until the end of our summer travel ball season so, by the time it's over, I will have made 100 little houses and watched over 100 baseball games!  How fitting.

Here are my submissions for Days 1-5.  Follow me on Instagram at @pegmayor to see it all.
I put the pattern together in the winter.  I definitely wanted a rectangle because one of the things I plan to do with some of the houses is to make a floor rug.  I want to lay out the rectangles like bricks.  My inspiration for the rug comes from Yoko Saito's great book, Woolwork.  Here's a shot of her rug.  I'm considering a similar style for maybe 50 of the little houses.  I'll have to mat and back each rectangle, of course.  Plus I'll have to bind the edges somehow and the rug will probably need a low-traffic spot.  But, how fantastic is that rug?!  I love the spaces in between the bricks.  It allows you to really see the different textures of the wool.

Beyond that, I'm considering a wall hanging for next to my desk where I have a long skinny space.  I sized the rectangles based on that space, actually.

I'm also finding that I can use even the smallest bits of wool from my stash.  Some of these wools are among my very favorites and it's great to have so little waste.

So, follow along as I attempt to keep up with the pace.  I'm stitching at baseball games these days.  Why haven't I ever considered combining my love of baseball with my love of wool before?!  Brilliant.


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