Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More cotton sweaters reincarnated!

Another cotton sweater finds new life!  I am truly getting such a kick out of making these bags!  You remember in the spring I made purses for my son's teachers out of (in order) an old poncho, an old sweater, and a pile of old t-shirts.  Those Goodwill people are never going to see me again!

This time, I repurposed an old friend.  I have always loved this sweater.  The colors were all so rich and worked so well together despite the range of hues.  You have everything from bittersweet orange to plum to bright red to olive green.  Even my husband said, "Why are you cutting that up?  That's a nice sweater!"  Ahh, nice...but dated and tired. 

I ended up with three messenger bags and a couple of change purses.  My method was similar to the quilt motif sweater:  use an overlock stitch to secure the threads, and then cut away.  Below are pictures of one of the bags I made.  I listed it on my Etsy shop this afternoon:  http://www.ragingwool.etsy.com/

More photos will follow of the other bags.  And...I've figured out what my next project will be:  Kindle Cozies!!  I can't wait.

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