Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If you can't beat 'em...

Everything is woodland on Etsy.  I get so frustrated.  The front page, which features 16 lucky artists, constantly has owls or faux bois, or some kind of woodland creature.

Here's my contribution:
I'll let you know if it gets me on the front page!

I do like making these gloves, though.  You probably have a pair or two.  $1.00 a pair but so plain and boring, they make your head hurt.  Two Januaries ago I found a huge pile of them at Target for half off.  I bought 22 pair thinking, well, I'll do something with them.  They were all black and I embellished them with 3 different colorways of pennies.  I love penny rugs, always have.  On the gloves, they turn the mundane into the fun.  Totally my gig.  And a great project for waiting in the car or watching (listening to) TV.

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