Thursday, October 15, 2009

Feeling the love...

I had a comment about my cashmere hearts. These were invented to use up recycled cashmere scraps from about 5 years of making scarves. Ever thrifty (thanks to Grandma!), I couldn't bear to throw even the tiniest bit away. When I discovered the proddy technique from rug hooking, I found a new way to re-use. These hearts are made with the exact technique used to make the cuff bracelets highlighted in a previous post.
The hearts have to be kept pretty small because they use a TON of material. I make the base from recycled wool; skirts, jumpers, whatever. The hearts are stuffed with off cuts and scraps from other sewing projects, also all wool and cashmere. Then the fun begins. Each piece of cashmere is hand cut into long strips or short strips or little bits about 1/3 inch wide and 2 1/2 inches long. Using the proddy tool, each strip is pulled through the wool. Around and around the heart I go until it's completely filled up.
My all-ivory heart shown on the side bar on this blog has been quite the hit. It was featured on Etsy's Front Page on October 15th (yeah, me!) and is also featured in Etsy's eco-friendly gift guide here: I've also made the hearts in smaller sizes in pink, pale, purple, and ivory/blue mix. You can see them with more detail on my shop: . Some have sold but the others are on there with more pictures.
I confess a small addiction to making these. I'm glad they're popular!

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