Friday, October 23, 2009

In praise of small gifts

Every season I make a set of small gifts. Normally, I end up using them for my boys' music teachers, gym teachers, etc. I find I need around 15-20 at the holidays and another set for the end of the school year. I like coming up with a new idea each time and Im proud to have a reputation at the schools for cute gifts.

This year, I'm doing some embellished stretchy gloves. You know those gloves you can get just about anywhere for $1? This year I'm seeing them in stripes and pastels along with the normal black. I bought 4 pair of pink ones for $1 each at Jo-Ann's just this week. BUT, I must tell you I bought 20 pair last February on clearance at Target for 50 cents a pair. What a score! I'm sure they thought I was nuts with my basketful of black gloves. I just knew they'd make the perfect Small Gift.
The photos show what I'm doing with the gloves. I've finished two pair of pink and will be starting on the black ones this weekend. I love penny rugs and I think the pennies add just the right embellishment. I'm listing some of the pairs on my Etsy shop for $10 a pair. . Check them out if you're so inclined.

In my next post, I'll talk about the gadget cozies I'm making out of old sweaters. Again, embellished with pennies. Very cute and very economical. Plus, who doesn't want something one-of-a-kind!

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