Friday, October 2, 2009

Ugh. Pouring rain this morning. I'm wishing I could walk Lance (the Springer Spaniel that is my daytime companion) but I don't know if I have it in me to get soaked.

I'm planning to work with the cashmere today. I've cut about a dozen sweaters into 5-inch strips of various lengths. The photo shows the pastel selection. These sweaters came mainly from thrift stores. I do buy on Ebay, but I set very strict limits on myself on price. I won't pay more than $15 for a sweater. I also search only for XL or Plus Size sweaters. That way you get a larger piece of fabric for the same price.

I take these and piece them together to make scarves. Long scarves are about 50 inches. This year I'm going to try a shorter scarf -- more of a neckwarmer or muffler. One side has a big slit so the opposite side can pass through and tighten up around the neck. I'm also playing around with embellishment. I figured out how to ruffle layers of cashmere and want to try some applique of circles and other shapes. Some of these experiments will find their way into cuff bracelets and some will adorn the scarf ends.
Starting the day knowing I'll have some creative time makes me happy. I'll post more pictures as I get further along in the process.

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