Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yes, I have been making lots of scarves and will be posting about the process tomorrow. But, I can't NOT write about our chickens today!! We had our first egg. We got the girls just after Mother's Day which means they are 21 weeks old this week. We've been checking for the eggs with no luck. Today I was chatting with them (I know. Get a day job) and said, "C'mon, girls. You're 21 weeks old. Let's make it happen." I was looking into the nesting boxes in the coop and THERE IT WAS!! A beautiful, perfect green egg. Cracked, unfortunately, but otherwise perfect. I had to blow it out because I just wasn't sure it was ok to eat.

Now you should know that we bought 6 laying hens. Ameraucana breed. Back in July, though, we heard some crowing around 6:30 a.m. one day. Hmmmm. One of the girls was a boy. How nice to finally be able to use the phrase, "There's a rooster in the henhouse!"

Of course, he's gorgeous and now we can't imagine getting rid of him. As long as he stays docile, he stays, if you know what I mean.

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