Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yeah! Hooray! Three sales in one day!!

Sorry for the poetry. I woke up to 3 sales on Etsy today. Makes me happy.

Yesterday was awash in the rain. It was actually too dark and dreary in my house to put together any scarves. I did work on a couple of cuff bracelets, though. My first foray into cashmere applique.

The photo shows the range I'm playing with right now. Ruffles, simple stitching of motifs, braiding, etc. so far I really like the ruffles and the applique. The key is to stabilize the cashmere so it doesn't stretch too much. There's nothing worse than a cuff bracelet that is too big. On the ruffles, I'm using a small strip of recycled wool as a stabilizer. It also serves to cover the stitching. And, I like a bit of pattern with all that solid color.

The braiding has an interesting story. I was looking for an 8-plait braid but what ended up working was a You-tube video of someone braiding Challah bread! Very simple. Six strands across. Lift the 4th strand and bring the 1st strand all the way to the right. Then re-number the strands left to right. Repeat those two steps for the length of the strips. Couldn't be easier and definitely the look I wanted. You never know where you'll find the inspiration.

Here's a close-up of the ruffle on the cuff with fuchsia and charcoal grey. There's actually 3 layers of cashmere in there plus a strip of ribbing as the base. Very lush and tactile.

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